Alanya Municipality

Alanya Municipality organization was formed in 1872.The first mayor of Alanya Ahmet Asım Bey started duty in 1901. Alanya Municipality renewed itself and worked for the happiness of the region people with each passing day from those days till today.Alanya Municipality constructed a hydoelectric center on Oba Brook in 1958,consolidated the center with diesel motor power in 1961and transferred to enterkonvekte system depending on the necessities of the current time in 1981. The efforts for bringing water to the city started in 1952 by transferring the spring water in Sugözü district to the pressure water.In later years,the source in Dim Üzümlü and the lines connected to it were updated according to the conditions of the era and the development of the city. Alanya met with the tourism after the German people had come to the city.In the following years,Alanya started to serve tourism with hotels and motels after the pension business.Alanya's local people who did the Agriculture and Tourism together well,caused the world to hold the attention to Alanya which was now the guest room of Europe. Alanya's people were known with their hospitality in those years.By the courtesy of friendly and amicable relationships of Alanya people,Alanya became a touristic city which is very much followed by most of the touristic cities of Turkey. Moreover,Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu was telling the goal they were dreaming at the 80th annivesary of Republic as below: "We will put a street sign to the entrance of the city.Welcome to Alanya Holiday Village" Alanya Municipality acted together and performed successfully with Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation,Alanya Hoteliers Association,Mediterranean Culture Research Association and trade corporations acting in Alanya.They hosted to some international organizations fitting to Alanya and Turkey.International Sport Organizations such as Triathlon,Swimming Marathon,Street and Beach Handball Tournaments,Beach Volleyball Euopean and World Championships and Mountain Bike provided Alanya to be promoted all over the world. Those successful international organizations were mentioned with a citation in many newspapers,magazines,raido and TV abroad. Alanya Municipality which turned its face in the way of contemporary civilization to the Europe by the leadership of founder of Republic Mustafa Kemal takes attention with the twin city relations in Europe.The council decisions were taken with the twin cities and the twincity relations were built with Gladbeck from Germany,Schwechat from Austria,Wodzislaw from Poland,Trakai from Lithuania,Talsi from Latvia,Fushun from China,Boras from Sweden,Lefkoşa from North Cyprus,Nea Ionia from Greece and Keszthely from Hungary. Besides that,the twin city contract with Nea Ioania from Greece carries a different meaning.Our citizens who immigrated to Nea-Ionia had opportunity to visit their home-town and stoppedthe 80 years of yearning.The Association of Alanya People in Athens performed effectively and constructed a friendship bridge between two cities. There is Traditional Culture and Tourism Festival at the last week of May every year.One of the few and very much followed City Information System is implemented in Alanya and all information about the city is transferred to the virtual atmosphere by the help of a separate unit composed for this aim.Thus,people where ever they are will be able to reach to the information about Alanya and their properties in Alanya easily.Alanya Municipality perpetuates its services with 25 council members,145 officers,239 workers.